London Series: Social Life at Garden Halls (English)

Socialising will become a routine throughout life living in halls. Garden Halls creates an environment where everyone is accepted and is able to enjoy the experience.


Students at Garden Halls are always exposed to socialising. Whether it be having breakfast at the dining hall or casually hanging out in the common room. This type of exposure should become a very important consideration to students looking to apply for accommodation as it is unavoidable and essential to living in halls.

Especially for an international student that does not have any family in London, most of the time the people they would meet are hallmates. For example, students usually meet friends and spend time with my roommates both during the day and during the night life.


At the beginning of the year, interactions in the accomodation are very open and great, as people are eager to meet new people and make friends. However, after some time when people start having “fixed” friends they will be less open to making new friends, meaning you should try and make as many encounters as you can at the beginning! Nonetheless, Gardens stays a great accommodation where students interactions remain entertaining and fun!

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