PPI London X Access Education: Get to Know your Family Abroad!

Hey all! This month we’ll be introducing THE Indonesian student’s association of London, PPI London! Short for Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia London, PPI London is an organisation that connects students from all across London providing a home and family far away from our beloved Indonesia. We will be inviting members of the current 2020/2021 PPI London Term to provide us with insightful information of the organisation. However, we will first be greeted by forewords from the management of PPI London and Access Education.

We see PPI as a positive community both for students who are already studying in the UK or prospective students who are still in the process of seeking information to prepare for their education in the UK. Therefore we, from Access Education as Overseas Education Consultants, want to be a partner for PPI UK to provide information to each other about Educational Life in the UK, for UK students or students who are planning to study in the UK.Meggy Saerang, Director of Access Education

Praise and thank God Almighty for all His blessings and gifts, so that we can be at this stage and introduce Perhimpunan Pelajar London (PPI London) to you. First of all, I would like to thank Access Education for providing the opportunity to collaborate with PPI London. Hopefully with this partnership, both PPI London and Access Education can forge a closer relationship and help Indonesian students. The existence of PPI London as a family that has a high level of solidarity has made it easier for me to undergo my education in London. I am very grateful to be able to continue my educational journey alongside students who are not only extraordinary in terms of academics, but in non-academic activities. God willing, PPI London members will become superior resources for Indonesia in the future. Hopefully this partnership can further motivate Indonesian students to study in London. – Giovanni Adhiputra Aziz, President of PPI London 2020/2021

Without any further ado, this is the PPI London x Access Education lineup of topics for discussions this month!

  • What is PPI London?
  • What Does PPI London Do?
  • What are the benefits of joining PPI London?
  • Tips and Tricks on Joining PPI London?

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

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