London Series-UCL Days: Accommodation Events

Having friends who live in an accommodation or living in an accommodation yourself has its social perks. The hall team usually holds events occasionally and these events include parties. These parties are usually a cheap way to have a great night outside of your room and potentially meet new people in your or someone’s halls. These events can generally be classified into two categories; informal and formal.

First, an informal accommodation event would just be a group of students having a few drinks in the halls’ common areas. This is usually nothing grand but can be a bit of fun especially if you’re meeting a bunch of new people. Both cheap and exciting, informal accommodation events are events that you should be honoured to be invited to. Second, formal accommodation events are events managed by the halls team at a residence. These are probably run really well with basic themes and cheap drinks. These can be fun but can also be disastrous such as malfunctioning audio systems or noise complaints.

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