London Specials: Reference, Your Dreams are your Tutors’ Dreams Too (English)

Applying to unis in general requires some sort of backing by a member of staff from the institution you attend. The UK uni system with its UCAS platform is no exception and requires the submission of a reference from the institution for the applying student. Getting a reference made isn’t very hard but processing it can differ based on the institutions.


One of the upsides of attending a foundation program is that you do not have to worry about getting your reference made at all. This is because your tutors are representing the institution you attend in helping you apply. The tutors from the institution will have your reference before you even realise you’d need such a thing. However, it is a possible that different institutions take care of references differently so you should always be mindful of the reference itself. Overall, getting a reference while attending a foundation program is basically automatic.

Other Institutions

Getting a reference in other types of institutions such as an international high school or sixth form may be a bit more problematic. Attending these types of institutions would probably force a student to become more proactive in securing a reference. Nevertheless, getting a reference isn’t much of a task and should still be relatively easy. Any additional hassle in getting a reference would probably be tedious at best because most institutions would want their student to get into the best unis.

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