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Additional information really means how unis can go beyond and help students with specific circumstances. This includes help such as disability care, language help and even funding aid. This topic might not exactly hit the spot regarding the whole application process but can be very helpful for students under special circumstances so it is worthwhile checking out information provided by UCAS and the unis themselves.


UCAS does help students with special circumstances but in a very limited way. This is done through selecting various options when filling out personal information. This can range from disability information to funding information and can help a student out by being a notification for unis when admitting students. This is done in such a limited way not because UCAS doesn’t care, they probably do but UCAS itself is an admission platform and the extent of which they help students with special circumstances is parallel to its function itself.


Universities often provide information of how students can receive help in different ways. There are pages on their websites which touch on subjects such as funding and disabilities that provide extensive information that students will find useful when applying. Additionally, emailing unis through their admission email accounts and independently enquiring is a very viable option. This allows students to obtain even more in-depth information and provide unis with information that students feel are important for them to be aware of.

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