London Specials: Personal Statement, Penultimate Essay (English)

The personal statement is a massive part of a student’s uni application. This makes the writing process a lengthy one where students often have several drafts that they go through before having a finalised version. The personal statement that a student is comfortable submitting shouldn’t be wasted and should be uploaded to UCAS. This might go over some students’ heads where they expect to send it unis directly any through any other mechanism which could result in a voided application.


UCAS is the platform where all students should upload their personal statements and there are two notable features on UCAS that students should be aware of. First, its important to note the character limit. The character limit doesn’t allow students to write however much they want and forces students to finish their personal statements comfortably before the deadline to adjust the size of their personal statements. Second, students should note that it is possible to change the personal statement after uploading. This allows students to at least have something on UCAS and can change it whenever they like.

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