London Specials: Predicted Grades, Doormat Requirement (English)

Choosing courses should be both idealistic and pragmatic. One element of the application process that warrants pragmatism is predicted grades. Predicted grades are the grades students receive after obtaining a sufficient amount of academic data to be able to project the student’s grades at the end of the course. Predicted grades are what will be used to apply to unis and are extremely important from both the unis and student’s point of view.


As a student, you have much to work on to ensure your predicted grades are good enough for the uni you want. This is simply a process of studying properly and keeping your grades up to be able to convince your tutors to award you with high predicted grades. However, even after being awarded high predicted grades, you will also have an obligation to reach those grades to actually be admitted into the uni of your choice.


Students should always check course pages on uni websites. This is done by going on the course page and going to the usually dubbed “entry requirements” to see what grades are needed to even be considered by the course. This is extremely important as it determines whether your application will go through or not. If you fail to survey your the predicted grades for the course that you want correctly you might as well consider one slot of your application void.

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