London Specials: Job Opportunities,Where Do We Go Now? (English)

The end goal of going to uni is to get a job and secure your livelihood. Thats usually considered to be a priority but not something to be enjoyed whilst studying. However, job opportunities should be sought after during college because it can lead to a whole bunch of interesting experiences. This makes job opportunities an incredibly important consideration when choosing a course.

Job Prospects

Taking job prospects into consideration early on is probably one of the chief factors when deciding where to go for various purposes.

First, it will become much easier to map out a plan for the future. This directly correlates with your plans during university such as the modules in the course you will take and extracurricular activities. You should always keep in mind that the course you choose should help lead you to wherever you want to go.

Second, the proof of your learning experience will become invaluable. Although academics aren’t everything when translated into the professional world your university degree is still a significant credential. It may not be necessary to have a certain degree but considering how competitive job applications will continue to be a specific compatibility to the job you want to pursue with your degree will be important.


Societies can be an important consideration in terms of job opportunities when choosing a course. There are courses such as Literature and Medicine that have societies which play a prominent role in a students uni experience and could provide an extra bit of enjoyment out of the whole learning process.

Taking part in these societies will help boost your academics and non-academic endavours where you will meet up with people who are going through similar things you are. For example, when taking IR there are usually IR societies where students can join. These societies hold events such as socials, networking events, seminars, career fairs and even competitions for students to have fun while indulging their professional interests.

However, it should be noted that joining societies will take up your time and requires sufficient planning to fully utilise the opportunity of getting into one.


Internships are a great way to build up your CV and practice your academic knowledge on the field. There are courses which offer internship schemes and even ones that are done abroad.

These types of courses are usually found anywhere and are often very beneficial for a student’s learning experience. For example, Westminster provides an internship for their Finance and Accounting course in prominent institutions such as Barclays for students of the course to enrol in.

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