London Specials: Course Choice, Be Careful! (English)

This might seem extremely obvious and a bit of a waste of time to talk about but paying attention when filling in your course choices is really important administratively. Make sure that whatever course you apply for that its course code is correct to avoid any mishaps. This is important because it determines the entire course of your uni life as the course itself is one of the most important parts of uni.


Being careful in filling in your uni application with a course or several courses on UCAS is incredibly important for your uni application. It’s very important to note that the courses chosen are the ones that you want and have worked for. This is because your course choice is supported by other components of your application, especially the personal statement. If a course is chosen incorrectly, this administrative blunder could lead to an entire uni slot choice being rendered redundant and the chances of you getting into uni severely damaged.

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