London Specials: Academic Opportunities, Into the World (English)

Academics does not have to be confined within the walls of a classroom. Universities have programs and mechanisms that allow them to provide student with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. This serves to both allow students to apply their knowledge in extremely practical situations and attain knowledge taught outside of the classroom. The most common ways unis do this is through internship programmes and exchange programmes.

Exchange Programmes

Exchange programmes are opportunities for students to go to other unis for a specified period of time. This is useful in gaining new experiences in other unis and is a great addition for a CV. This can be a consideration when choosing a course because some courses in some unis have a designated year where student’s travel abroad. For example, KCL’s Politics course has a year abroad in unis such as NUS, Georgetown and UNC. However, some courses do not have a designated year but allow students the opportunity to apply for a year abroad such as UCL with their Erasmus+ programme.

Internship Programmes

Internship programmes are another way that unis teach their students by giving them an opportunity to get a first-hand taste of what the real world is like. Although internships can be applied to independently, there are courses in some unis that help students get into internship programmes. Applying to internship through a uni is generally much easier and ensures an internship programme of a higher quality and compatibility to what a student is learning.

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