London Specials: Social Opportunities, Find Yourself in Others (English)

Leaving the confines of the classroom there are still ways a course can provide a enjoyable social life. These options usually require students to expend a bit of extra effort but are all worth it in the end.


Societies aren’t necessarily tied to a course but societies that are quite common such as UCL Medicine’s RUMS society. These societies are usually helpful in a number of ways and go beyond simple get togethers. These societies help students by doing things such as hosting events such as sports outings and music recitals, allow easier organisation of group tutoring, providing networking opportunities and help students meet other students from the same course. There are usually societies for any course in a university and you shouldn’t be afraid to join them.

Course Structure (Out of Class)

Course structures can be an indicator of what a social life can be in a course outside of the classroom and this is usually in the form of extraordinary opportunities.

Extraordinary opportunities such as student exchanges can become unique social experiences. Some course offer a year abroad or any other type of experience that can help students make interesting memories.

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