London Specials: Social Status, Yep, It’s a Thing (English)

Although pragmatism is a great mindset to uphold it isn’t the only mindset out there. People often use their universities as a tool for raising their social status. This might not be as important as other factors for choosing a college but it is real. This post will be mainly about the existence of the social status a uni can give you and why it’s something you shouldn’t buy into.

Social Status

Social status is usually something instigated by people who are in a “better” university intentionally or unintentionally. It’s basically an irrational comparison of unis that’s only purpose is to enforce unrealistic views towards uni rankings. Although it might not always come from a bad place it certainly does have its implications towards some people. Regular banter is overall fine but it should be noted that such things can snowball into something much more detrimental.

Dealing With It

When faced with situations where illogical comparisons of universities are apparent there are a few things that should you should keep in mind.

First, it doesn’t make any sense. People who compare unis to each other to put one above the other are doing it for reasons that don’t usually make sense. The only reason they’re doing this is to make them feel better about themselves and it really has nothing to do with you.

Second, you’re in your uni for a reason. Whether that reason be a good one or a bad one you are in the best place suited for you. Wherever you go to uni is the place the is best-equipped to prepare you for the future which is the ultimate goal of going to uni.

Third, it’s okay to be jealous of another person who goes to a “better” uni. Being envious of what another person has is only natural and very hard to fight. However, this stops at the point of only understanding that you are human and it’s okay to be jealous. Continuing this mindset even further is not advised as per the previous points , there is no reason to. Be grateful for what you have and continue on with your life.

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