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The city, town, village or whatever form of society the uni you choose will be in is an essential part of your life in the UK. Your life will not revolve around uni 24/7 and activities such as leisure or even jobs will determine how you go about your uni years. In determining where you want your uni to be in, there are usually two mold that are usually discussed; city (well London really) and Town.


Cities are often the first choice for foreign students when choosing where to go to uni in the UK. This is due to cities being more lively and having more opportunities. This impacts the experience of going to uni in the UK in several ways.

First, you’ll have so much more to do in your free time. Cities are full of leisure spots such as clubs, restaurants, tourist attraction spots, shopping centres and sights. This makes living in cities an exciting experience as there are always new things to discover everyday.

Second, the transportation will probably more hectic and expensive. Big cities such as London provide public transportation such as the Tube or buses. These are extremely convenient but are relatively more pricey and problematic compared to transportation in smaller settlements. Additionally, ride-hailing apps are more expensive in cities.

Third, the living cost is significantly higher. In short, its really expensive. From the accommodation prices to food, everything is incredibly expensive in the city. This also relates to your leisure options in the city as if you have no money to enjoy them then they are pretty much useless.


Towns in the UK are incredibly common and provide a unique experience to live in. Exceeding the minimal standard of convenience but without much luxury, towns are a great place to go to uni. They can provide a wonderful home in the UK in several ways.

First, you’ll probably have less options to enjoy in your free time but still have stuff to do. The common leisure activities in towns are usually very chill such as strolling around enjoying the sights, visiting the same restaurants or cafes, being more immersed in nature and having a good time chilling. Although it may not seem as extravagant as city life it can prove to be a great experience if you are open to it.

Second, getting around is much easier and laid back. Towns aren’t usually that big and might not even have a Tube system. Riding bicycles and walking (though these are realistic options in cities as well) are great, quick, free and healthy ways to get around town.

Third, the living cost is much cheaper as opposed to towns. Towns are incredibly cheap compared to cities and buying things will be much easier at those prices. This ensures several things such as a full stomach throughout the week and frequent visits to any leisure spots around town.

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