London Series: Uber, Aplikasi Transportasi Paling Diandalkan di London (English)

Uber is known worldwide for its ride-hailing services due to the availability of their drivers and the quality of thier service. London is no exception to this trend as Ubers are commonly used throughout the city by individuals of many facets of life. As a student, there are a number of uses that Uber can provide and it is an extremely useful app to have on standby.


Due to its relatively high price, students find that Uber is usually serviceable in dire situations. First, when a student wants to travel long distances Uber is usually the go to application. For example, the most notable long distance travel a student would make with Uber is to the airport. Not only are the airport gates automatically installed as drop-off points on the app, Uber also has several drivers who carry certification with them validating their credibility to drive to the airport. This shows that Uber is extremely ready for a variety of circumstances which may force students to travel long distances. Second, Uber is extremely useful and recommended in the long hours of the night. Usually after a night out or when finishing up late after uni, students are left with little choice of transportation as the tube stations are closed and bus stops aren’t located in the safest of areas. The norm is to get back home with an Uber as it is the safest, quickest and fatigue-friendly solution to a late night journey home.

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Notable Feature

Uber is notably very convenient in several different ways. First, it automatically connects to any payment apps such as Paypal or Apple Pay. Uber helps its user extremely well as setting primary payment options and switching between different payment options alleviates all of the extra hassle users would have to go through such as verification. Second, Uber has drop-off and pick-up points in many places. This is very helpful especially when an international student is not very familiar with the streets of London.


Uber allows users to use the application unitarily through various ways. First, it offers the option of larger vehicles for more people. This is an incredible feature as it allows students to adjust the vehicle to the need of the situation which they are ordering in to accommodate the number of passengers in a group and price paid. Also, Uber allows users to split fares. This is a great feature as it relieves the burden of the person who orders the Uber so the entirety of the group will have enough money to have a good time at wherever their destination is at.

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