London Series: Tube Map, Aplikasi Navigasi Tube Network Terampuh (English)

London’s tube network is an incredibly efficient and convenient means of transportation. With the cost of public-transportation and the reach of nearly the entire city, it is the most popular option of getting around London for students. Although it is actually very easy to navigate, it is nearly impossible to memorise the entire network of tube stations. Tube Map is a simple application which displays the entirety of the London tube network and is useful in several unique situations.


Tube maps are actually displayed in numerous places such as the tube stations themselves and within the tube trains (although only of the line which the tubes operate on). Due to this, the Tube Map app is only useful in one situation; when a person is in a tube and unable to view the entirety of the tube map. This is useful because tube trips usually consist of switching lines to get to certain destinations. The Tube Map app is very useful in these sorts of situations as the user is able to quickly plan their route without having to search for a physical tube map or network connection to search up a tube route.

photo by Tube Map – TfL London Underground route planner at

Notable Feature

The Tube Map app’s best feature is its availability in places unreachable by mobile connection. This allows users to access the application in any circumstance to help plan their route much more efficiently.

London Underground Tube Network, photo by WP:NFCC#4 at


The Tube Map app does not really cater to shared usage, but it is useful when travelling in groups. The Tube Map app is useful for whoever is in charge of navigating the route so the other members of the group need only to follow the navigator.

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