London Series: UCL Go, Aplikasi Navigasi untuk Kampus Bergengsi di London (English)

This post may not be applicable to students of other universities in London, but UCL students can benefit from information regarding UCL Go. Due to the wide distribution of campus buildings of UCL in central London, UCL developed UCL Go as an application for students to navigate throughout the campus.


The primary situation that UCL Go is useful in is navigating throughout UCL. UCL campuses are spread out in different areas such as Gower Street and Landsowne Terrace, this makes it rather difficult for students to keep track of the rooms that are classes will be held in. Moreover, UCL courses often switch rooms between modules in the course which is an added headache for students of the university. As a result, UCL Go is incredibly useful in finding where classes are. UCL Go helps students do this by displaying a map and a search directory for the classes available. Additionally, UCL Go can also be used to see wether rooms such as workrooms or computer rooms are available to be used.

Notable Feature

A notable feature of UCL Go is its directory where students can easily search for the rooms that they need to be in. This is incredibly useful as there are a large number of classes UCL uses, even using classrooms of other universities such as Birkbeck, and it is sometimes difficult to find where they are. UCL Go provides a directory of all the classes used by UCL for teaching and compresses it into a single application available for all students.


UCL Go helps students and tutors to work out which schedules are available for which rooms. UCL Go provides information on the availability of rooms so any party interested in booking a room is given direct information of the scheduled room. This makes the process of scheduling classes or study sessions very efficient as it is all done through a single platform.


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