London Series: UNiDAYS, Aplikasi Pemberi Diskon untuk Makanan (English)

As a student, ways to decrease costs for food is valuable information. Unidays is able to compile and provide numerous discounts from a large selection of restaurants for the average student to use. By adhering to the terms and conditions of these deals, students can find opportunities in almost any notable food outlet in London.


Unidays is extremely useful when wanting to eat out at any restaurant which has holds a deal on the application. For example, one of Unidays’ most famous deals is its buy one get one free deal with Shake Shack. This deal is a really great option to have when eating out with a friend as the second burger is free. Deals such as this are numerous and can be used in other notable food outlets such as Franco Manca and Yo Sushi. However, the availability of these deals are time-limited and can are under strict adherence to their respective terms and conditions.

Notable Feature

Unidays’ most notable feature is how easy it is to find and use a deal. Unidays does this by listing and categorising various deals from various different outlets into one application. To use a deal a user only needs to show the code or input it into the corresponding application to activate it upon ordering. This is extremely useful for users as it does not prior preparation to use and can be used at any time.


Unidays is not really built to be used in conjunction with other users but there are deals that allow the purchase of more food at lower prices. Deals such as buy one get one free are available on the application and are helpful when eating out together. This allows students to further save up as they do not have to spend more money to spend time with their friends.


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