London Series: Restaurant Apps, Aplikasi dari Restoran Favorit yang Memberi Benefits (English)

Fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC often launch applications for users to gain extra benefits. This can be done by opening account and browsing through the several features they have. These applications are extremely useful for students as they offer student benefits and employee benefits for students who happen to work at the corresponding fast-food institution.


Restaurant applications are usually useful when students are trying to find deals or benefits to save up money. For example, the KFC app provides deals on chicken tender boxes for a limited amount of time. Deals such as this are usually extremely generous in servings and relatively cheap. This is easily affordable for students who want to have filling and delicious meals. Also, restaurant applications provide student and employee benefits. Students are able to make money as employees of a certain fast-food institution while also being a consumer at a lower price. This is useful for a student as they can make money and eat more at the same time.

Notable Feature

The most notable feature of these restaurant apps are their stamp code promos. Users of these applications are able to collect stamps after every purchase. These stamps are to be collected and redeemed after reaching a certain amount for benefits. The benefits can vary from free meals or massive discounts. Also, these stamp code promos are really attractive to students as they can be used in conjunction to other deals such as time-limited promos. This allows students to enjoy purchasing more meals from fast-food restaurants at discounted prices with further benefits after redeeming their stamp codes.


Restaurant applications cannot really be used together with other people but it is possible to order food for a group through the application. This can be done through the delivery feature or pick-up feature which are usually present in any restaurant app. This helps students order food quickly and efficiently as to not disturb their time socialising with their peers.


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