London Series: PayPal, Dompet Online yang Universal(English)

London is a city with various attractions that incite the feeling of wanting to spend money. This will cause students to spend money frequently and the act of spending money itself can be a very tedious matter. Fortunately, PayPal solves this issue with its simple and universal digital transactional services.


PayPal is useful in almost any situation where funds need to be expended. This is because PayPal has one of the largest reaches in the digital financial world. Its services range from booking event tickets, buying merchandise and even on e-commerce applications such as eBay. Furthermore, PayPal makes it extremely easy to send money to other people. PayPal does this in a very convenient and simple manner. This bestows PayPal with the right to be considered a wallet that can be whipped out at any moment without physical cash and physical boundaries.

Notable Feature

PayPal’s most notable feature is its ability to send and receive money extremely easily. This allows students to be able to pay without the hassle of other online banking apps or having to actual use physical money. Additionally, this is an extremely useful feature as this will need to be done in many urgent situations. London is a place where students find themselves at a state of mind that is suboptimal for any action that requires thinking. As a result, PayPal’s ability to provide students a foolproof way to transfer money is incredibly useful in situations such as these ones.


PayPal’s ability to allow students to easily transfer money is its main way of connecting users. This allows students who use PayPal to transfer money from anywhere at anytime.


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