London Series: Netflix, Nonton Film Favorit Kapan Saja (English)

One of a student’s favorite pastimes is too sit back at home and watch movies on their laptop. However, movies are at a premium where streaming sites are generally illegal, do not offer the best resolution and take some time to load. Fortunately, Netflix is able to deliver high-quality streaming at an affordable price.


Netflix is most useful when students find themselves tired from the struggles of their academic lives and in need of relaxation. The typical Netflix-consuming scenario consists of a student laying down sideways on a bed, dimmed lights, covered in sheets and a laptop streaming a movie or series available on Netflix lying sideways to match the student’s field of vision. This is a great way to spend the weekend to be able to alleviate the stress of an academic routine. Also, Netflix is useful during commuting or travelling. Netflix allows users to download movies to be viewed offline so it is serviceable on the journey to a student’s campus by Tube or on a road trip out of town.

Notable Feature

Netflix’s most notable feature is its directory structure. This allows users to easily browse through all categories of any genre to be able to find a flick that suits their cinematic cravings. Netflix does this in a very attractive way where the previews of certain flicks are played before clicking allowing users to have a taste of whats to come.


Netflix does not connect users but is able to be subscribed to in groups. This allows students to enjoy Netflix at lower prices and higher quality if they can get a group of friends together to chip in for a subscription.

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