London Series: Apple Music, Streaming Lagu Terjangkau Kelas Premium (English)

Music is a great way to relieve stress and relax amidst the turbulence of uni life. However, there comes a time where music and other audio-streaming services are required to satisfy a demand of more premium content. Apple Music is a streaming platform that provides these premium services which allow students to not only unwind but enjoy sonic entertainment exclusive to the platform.


Apple Music is useful in any sort of situation but stands out in a few frequently occurring situations in a student’s life. First, Apple Music is important to a student when doing any task that requires focus. Students often use music to focus on any academic task they are working on as it motivates them and helps them focus. Also, Apple Music is useful when on the road. Tube rides, train trips and walking can be very exhausting experiences. Apple Music livens up the experience with music as students are able to take their mind off the lethargy of travel and enjoy the comfort of music. Furthermore, Apple Music is useful in satisfying cravings of exclusive content. For example, artists that are operating during promotional periods of their new content sometimes turn to apple music to provide a premium platform for promotion. Artists such as Super-M (K-Pop) often do podcasts, interviews and such to connect to their fans further. These types of content are usually platform exclusive to Apple Music.

Notable Feature

Apple Music’s most notable feature is its collection of exclusive content. Apple Music provides a wide range of exclusive content such as podcasts, interviews and even albums. Examples of these are Super-M interviews, Drake albums, Britney Spears albums and many more. The most notable of this type of content are interviews as they allow fans to become much closer to artists and are only available on Apple Music.


Apple Music can connect users through joint subscriptions and family features. First, joint subscriptions allows students to enjoy Apple Music at lower prices and higher quality if they can get a group of friends together to chip in for a subscription. Also, when a student pays for a joint subscription they are given access to family features.


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