London Series: Applications (English)

Being an inhabitant of a society where the boundaries of real life and digital life are blurring even further, technology plays an important role in everyone’s daily lives. Most notably, smartphones are a staple in whatever people do from when they wake up to the second before they go to sleep. Smartphones are utile in several different ways but one of the most simple yet effective features of a smartphone are applications. Applications are varied in range where ordering a book from across the country or applying for a part-time job only requires just a few taps on a screen. Students with various different needs are accompanied by applications to help smoothen the ongoings of their daily lives which can be seen from the factors below.


Applications are meant to be used in conjunction with each other as they are mostly specialised in different areas of expertise. As a result, specific applications can only be useful in specific situations. This week the applications in review will be analysed in terms of the situations that they are considered useful and how effective they are in attending to the needs of the user.

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Notable Feature:

The application market is extremely competitive as it is relatively simple to create an application from scratch. This level of competition has forced developers to continuously innovate to provide consumers with utilitarian incentive to consumer their product. The applications in review will be analysed in terms of how they trump their competitors and how those features really help a student get by.


Applications shouldn’t provide students with the ability to tend to their everyday needs by isolation. Applications should be able to be used together with other users as socialising is an integral part of a student’s life. The applications in review will be analysed by their ability to connect with other users and how that helps a user as a student.


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