London Series: Omio, Solusi yang Tepat untuk Perjalanan Kereta Jarak Jauh (English)

During opportunities such as Reading Week or Winter Break students often choose to spend their time with friends or family on trips outside of London. Although there are many ways to book a train, bus or plane ride, Omio provides an easy solution from you handheld smartphone.


Being a primarily long-distance travel ticket merchant, Omio is usually useful during planned trips out of town. First, Omio’s main seller is its train ticket option. Taking the train is usually the go-to option for students looking to take a trip out of town. Omio helps students find the right price as it compares trips from different train companies and provides students with the best options for their different circumstances. Also, Omio provides students with bus ticket options for cheaper trip fares. This is usually the second option as it is slower and less convenient but cheaper than train tickets. Lastly, Omio provides studetns with plane ticket options but this option is not very recommended. Plane tickets are usually priced incredibly high and are easily substituted by train tickets. Even trips to Europe are serviceable by the Eurostar, the train connecting King’s Cross Station to Paris, France.

Notable Feature

Omio’s greatest feature is its convenience. Omio allows students to book tickets all from their smartphone app which is very useful in a student’s hectic university life. Imagine planning a trip a few weeks before a certain holiday period, this time would usually be filled with revision for exams or finishing assignments to hand in. Moreover, a student’s schedule would be even more packed if he or she is involved in extracurricular activities such as societies or varsity sports teams. Omio would not only take care of the booking part but also allows students to easily check the status of their tickets on the go.


Omio allows students to book multiple tickets for a group trip. This option is useful as payments could be easily arranged to go through a single person with everyone else transferring the needed funds to the said person. After booking, the only thing the person would have to do is screenshot the ticket to the other members of the group trip and the entire trip is set to proceed as planned.


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