London Series: Google Maps, Aplikasi Terbaik untuk Navigasi di London (English)

Google Maps has monopolised the navigation market as it is one of the most complete mapping application in the market. Google Maps is essential for a student who finds trouble navigating through London.


Google Maps is useful in any situation that requires travelling. First, it can help students who are unfamiliar with the area get around. Searching for restaurants, cinemas, stores or even campus buildings are all possible with the help of Google Maps. This really helps a student out especially if he or she is a travelling student who is new to London. Second, Google Maps can help calculate the quickest route to get to one’s destination. Not only does Google Maps tell users where to go, it also tells users how to get there the quickest way possible. This is particularly useful in estimating when to leave to be able to adjust a user’s arrival time. This feature is particularly effective in London as Londoners usually take the Tube or walk so this feature is not affected by factors such as traffic. Additionally, Google Maps has a database of restaurants that can be visited. This is great as it helps users receive recommendations for places to have a nice meal.

Notable Feature

Google Maps’ most notable feature is how complete its maps are. Anyone can search up almost any place in the city and will be able to find the quickest route to get there. This is great as navigating through London becomes a very simple task as all that needs to be done is to follow the marked route. Also, Google Maps incorporates Tube Stations into their routes. This is useful as it helps planning a trip to a certain place much more efficient as it only requires one application to do so.


Google Maps is not really meant to be used in conjunction with other users but is still useful when travelling in groups. Google Maps makes it easier for one person to the lead the group to their destination without ever really doubting if this person is competent in navigating or not.

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