London Series: Uber Eats, Aplikasi Pengiriman Makanan Ternama di London(English)

Uber Eats is incredibly well-known throughout the world. Building on Uber’s success, Uber Eats launched with the the technological excellence and ultimate convenience its parent offers. This has made Uber Eats a popular choice amongst students in London.


Uber Eats is very useful in any situation where a single student or a group of students are hungry. Firstly, one of the most convenient uses of Uber Eats is ordering food in the middle of the night. Cooking can be such a chore at that time and going out to buy food or groceries is not recommended, so Uber Eats is a great option to stay safe and comfortable to obtain food. Also, Uber Eats is very useful early in the morning. The main obstacle at this time of the day is trying to get focused after immediately waking up. Being able to order food in just a few taps on your phone is incredible privilege to have early in the morning. Unfortunately, the promos Uber Eats offers does not significantly alleviate the cost of ordering food. These promos usually encourage users of the app to use money frequently. As a result, a way to uphold a sustainable trend of spending on the app is to limit consumption and refrain from being enticed by promos.

Notable Feature

Uber Eats’ most notable feature is its convenience in any situation. Uber Eats has managed to circulate an app that allows students to order food anywhere and anytime. Firstly, this eliminates the problem of having to physically prepare or buy food. In a city as cold and dangerous as London, this is incredibly convenient as going out or even getting out of bed to cook can sometimes be difficult. Also, Uber Eats has managed to connect restaurants from all over the city. Students have a near infinite selection of restaurants to choose from which is helpful as variation in prices and product is essential for a student. Furthermore, Uber Eats is incredibly user friendly. One of the most underrated aspects of Uber Eats’ convenience is how easy it is to use. This really helps students order food in uncomfortable situations and acquire the sustenance they need.


Uber Eats mainly allows users to connect with each other in the form of promos and buying for a group. Firstly, users allowed to share a code which allows for them and first time users of the app to obtain a certain amount of money to be used in the app. This usually helps at the beginning of uni life as lots of students have not downloaded the app yet and this opportunity becomes a gold mine of discounted meals. Second, ordering for a group while hanging out is one way of how this app connects users. This app is able to facilitate ordering for a few people at once but it will ultimately depend on the courier’s ability to carry a certain load of food.

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Telegram   :  0812 5998 5997

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