London Series: Deliveroo, Aplikasi Pengiriman Makanan yang Murah Promo (English)

Deliveroo is regarded as Uber Eats’ greatest competitor in the online food delivery market in London. Equipped with a great software, an abundance of couriers and generous promos, Deliveroo has managed to establish itself in the smartphones and hungry minds of many students across London.


Deliveroo is very useful in any situation where a single student or a group of students are hungry. Firstly, Deliveroo is useful in any situation where someone is hungry. Deliveroo’s functionality is very convenient to be used anywhere and at anytime making it a perfectly great option for ordering food. Furthermore, Deliveroo is relatively cheaper than Uber Eats in terms of more frequent promos and delivery prices. This allows Deliveroo to be more student-friendly in terms of financial cost.

Notable Feature

Deliveroo’s most notable feature is its frequent promos. Deliveroo often offers promos that are time limited to a variety of restaurants near a user’s location. This allows users to be able to try new restaurants at a cheaper price. Other online food delivery apps provide this but Deliveroo does it more frequently and with increased variety.


Deliveroo is able to allow students to exchange promo codes and order for groups. Similar to other online food delivery apps, Deliveroo offers users the opportunity to share codes to new users that allow both of them to receive a discount on an order. Furthermore, Deliveroo is easily able to help students order food for a group at any time. This is done by Deliveroo incredibly conveniently and allows the hangout to continue without any disruptions.


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