London Series: Just Eat, Aplikasi Pengiriman Makanan yang Sangat User-Friendly (English)

Just Eat operates collaboratively with restaurants in London. This is done by providing logistical services for several restaurants but also empowering the opportunity for restaurants to deliver independently. This has allowed Just Eat to penetrate the UK with its appropriately named product, Just Eat UK.


Just Eat is a great option for any situation where hunger is prevalent. First, it is a wonderful option when going out or cooking is burdensome task. This allows students to be able to carry out their academic activities without the worry of making sure to have food available. Also, Just Eat is probably able to connect more restaurants to students. This is because of how Just Eat collaborates with restaurants in logistical terms, allowing more restaurants become reachable by students.

Notable Feature

Just Eat UK has a very interesting feature where they allow restaurants to be able to independently deliver food themselves. Mostly, this is an interesting feature as it gives restaurants incentive to join the application due to the decreased commission they have to share with Just Eat. As a result, students will have more options when browsing the application for a meal in between busy schedules. However, this system is not the most efficient as there are various complaints that have been filed. This is very apparent on Just Eat’s apple store page where most users express disdain towards the customer service. The issue with Just Eat’s customer service is that it can become very complicated and sometimes unsolvable when cancelling an order or trying to resolve a different issue is of importance.


Just Eat is used in a very typical fashion when in a group setting. Just Eat is able to be used to order for a group of people to eat. This helps during a hangout where hunger is an unexpected visitor and a quick way to order food in the form of Just Eat is available.


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