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Moving to London for the first time can become very overwhelming in the sense of making your accommodation feel like home. Students usually go through this process by buying essential and non-essential items to decorate or be available at their place of residence. It may be a confusing task in terms of finding where to buy certain items or comparing prices. Amazon addresses both these issues by creating an online market that allows students to buy any item instantly.


Amazon is useful at any time a student needs to buy some sort of item. First, it is a really useful tool when moving in. Amazon gives students a massive selection of items ranging from hangers to fridges. Coupled with Amazon’s ability to help students order instantly and ship the items to their location, this makes Amazon incredibly useful to have as the moving in process becomes nearly hassle-free. Furthermore, Amazon is useful at buying items necessary for academic life. Amazon allows students to find certain things they need such as books for references or a new laptop. This saves students time as the instantaneous ordering process is hassle-free and cost-free with Amazon Prime. Lastly, Amazon is particularly useful during Black Friday sales. Students are able to find incredibly large discounts on a variety of items such as Ipads or books. This is very enticing as students can purchase items that they usually could not considering the limits of their budgets.

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Notable Feature

Amazon’s most notable features are its convenience and Amazon Prime. Firstly, Amazon is incredibly convenient as it sells almost anything that can be sold at one place with an instantaneous payment process. This is very useful as students do not need to worry about finding stores that sell certain items as nearly everything is sold on Amazon. Also, Amazon Prime is an incredibly subscription to sign up for due to its next-day shipping. This helps students receive any time they buy nearly instantaneously.


Amazon cannot be really used together with other people but there are several ways it can. First, students could sell things on Amazon to make a bit of money. This can be useful if a student is able to create a product people will buy to help them finance their life in London. Also, Amazon can be used to gift other people. Buying a gift for another person only requires a change in delivery address and a heads up to the recipient of the gift.


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