London Series: Apple Pay, Aplikasi Pembayaran yang Menggantikan Dompet (English)

A massive shift that a student has to go through when moving to London is using technology. London is one of the most advanced cities in terms of using such technology that it has ingrained itself deeply in the daily life of Londoners. One amazing example of a technology-integrated life is Apple Pay, the smartphone application that has removed physical cash and wallets.


Apple Pay is arguably one of the most essential applications when going out in London. As London’s currency is very coin heavy carrying physical cash is an incredible nuisance. Furthermore, carrying a loaded wallet with both notes and coins is dangerous and troublesome. Apple Pay completely eliminates this problem by providing a virtual wallet accessible through several gestures depending on the device it is used on. This magnificent application can be used almost anywhere to luxury retail stores to street vendors as most sellers in London accommodate e-money.

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Notable Feature

Apple Pay’s most notable feature is its convenient. Apple Pay only requires a student to carry their phone anywhere they go as it is the only hardware needed to access the application. This is very significant as it eliminates so many things wrong with the usage of physical cash such as weight, quantity and having to carry coins. Also, Apple Pay can be used for transactions involving public services. The Tube and buses accept Apple Pay making the application more dominant in the fintech landscape of London.


Apple Pay does not provide support for joint usage but can be used with other users. This primarily comes in the form of paying any bills when eating out together and buying things in bulk. Also, Apple Pay comes in handy as it is directly connected to a user’s bank account. This allows the user to check their balance instantaneously and not worry of having to top up funds in the application.


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