London Series: Monzo, Bank Online yang Bagus untuk Pendatang Baru(English)

When a student first arrives in London they are almost completely stranded financially. Without a BRP or proper identification in London, it is almost impossible to get a bank account which is an essential part of student life. However, once sufficient information is acquired by a student they may look to Monzo to open a bank account quickly.


Monzo is especially useful for newcomers to London. Monzo’s registration process is very quick and easy. All a student needs to do is provide proper identification and apply through the smartphone application. This is incredibly useful as as most banks require physical interaction to open an account and after that it takes a while for the account and card to be ready for use. Monzo’s ability to eliminate the bureaucratic hassle of opening a bank account makes it especially friendly for students who have just arrived in London and need a place to store their cash.

Notable Feature

One of Monzo’s most notable features is its simplicity. Monzo is relatively easy to open and use as their are many features to support transactions. For example, one asking for money to someone Monzo provides a feature that allows the user to share a link that demands a payment. Features like this display how Monzo’s features are able to provide a user-friendly experience for students who have recently arrived in London.


Monzo is a very easy banking application to use for transactions. First, it has a copious amount of features that allow for easy use. This helps users do certain things in a different way to when using other banking apps such as quicker transactions. Also, Monzo creates a social landscape through the app in the form of identifying contacts who have Monzo accounts. This is very helpful because it saves users the trouble of adding new accounts.


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